Lisette  Studios - private piano, voice & acting lessons

How long and how often are lessons?
Lessons are once a week and are 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Thirty minute lessons are recommended for young children (3 years to about 7 or 8) 

Do I need to own a piano?
YES. Student needs to be able to practice. Also if you don't already own or rent, consider the following when making your purchase:

1. Must have 88 keys or digital keyboard with at least 76+
2. Damper pedal
3. Full size keys
4. Weighted keys

Wunderkeys Preschool Program: This is set up a little different. Initial 1 month free trial there is no need for a keyboard.

How do you select music?
I use Wunderkeys for 3-5 year olds & Alfreds Method books for 5 years and up. And I will select music based on the students level. There is also a variety of solo material from which they can choose. Any suggestions to style, a particular composer or any piece of music is encouraged. They will also need a manuscript for assignments.

Voice Lessons:  I can help with that or student is more than welcome to bring in anything they want to learn. Mainly I teach the technical aspect of voice lessons (i.e., healthy singing, breathing etc)

How much should I practice?
In order to progress you must be willing to dedicate the time to practice. I recommend a commitment of 15-30 minutes a day for beginners and young children. The more advanced you are, the longer you should practice. A suggestion to help with young students is break lessons up into 2 10 minute or 2 15 minute increments.

How do you make payment?
Payment is due in full at the beginning of the month(cash or check is preferable but I take major credit cards as well). Typically there are 4 lessons in a month but occasionally there will be 5. 

Do I need to purchase books?
Yes-I will provide music and other materials which will then be itemized and added to the bill. Initial book cost is estimated at $48.00.

Voice Lessons:  I can help with that or student is more than welcome to bring in anything they want to learn.

Do I have to sign a contract with your studio?
No, there are no contracts binding you to Lisette Studios. However there is a registration form with policy information that will need to be read and filled out with new student info. 

Do you travel to students home?
Yes, I do provide this service for an additional $5.00 per lesson.

What's expected of the student & parent during in home lessons?

  • Provide music books, a working metronome and other materials as requested
  • Provide quality listening music for your child to help them to become aware of different musical styles and provide a broad background and knowledge of classical music 
  • Attend live concerts with your child
  • Provide time, support, encouragement, and discipline for regular and consistent practice
  • Make sure that your child practices each day. Many students will not take the initiative to do this on their own and need to be reminded
  • Be involved in your child’s practice at home. Particularly with younger students or beginners, parents will need to help the child organize.   It is helpful to review the lesson assignment with your child to ensure reasonable preparation for lessons. Remember, parents need to initial practice time weekly, indicating you have actually listened to the student practice
  • Check your email regularly. I often communicate through email and/or by texting

  • Students should be well-prepared with all assignments from the previous lesson 
  • Keep fingernails trimmed short to ensure proper hand position and proper technique
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before your lesson begins
  • Read the assignment pages in your manuscript and practice those assignments. 
  • Practice as recommended on my FAQ'S page. Each student will have a personal practicing recommendation that may differ based on their level, potential, and ability. Dividing the practice time before school and after school works well.
Young children are easily distracted by things going on around them. If your piano is in a high traffic area of the house, I ask that during the time of the lesson there is no other noise or distractions in that particular room (phone and t.v use, animals, other siblings, etc).